Friday, July 16, 2010

Marble Globe?

Nope! If you look closely, it is a, carefully selected to be unobtrusive in my living room, toy ball for Noah's playtime pleasure when he comes for a visit.

More colorful ones are kept in Grandmom's toy chest in the living room as well.

Now tucked among the gardening books are infant books. 

When Noah arrives, the living room morphs into a playroom 

with four adults crawling around on the floor having fun.

Hurry back, Noah.

We miss you already.


  1. oh--hurry back Noah....

    I moved to blogspot too! Love it much easier.

  2. What a sweetie! I love that ball on a stand! My mom has a chest similar to yours that our 2 and half year old grandson calls a treasure chest. It has Legos in it.

    This is a cool template. Did you know you can mess around with the widths of your blog and sidebar? I don't think most people do. Maybe I'll do a post about that.

  3. Took a minute to find you. How fun. We just had our 6th grandbaby in July. Aren't they wonderful. They give life joy and perspective.