Thursday, April 14, 2011

Woodland Spring Fantasy

Hydrandgea macrophylla 'Merritts Supreme'
If spring is a little late in your area, you can always pick up hydrangeas that have been forced for the Easter flower market. They can keep your spirits high as you wait for spring weather.
Spring beauty is an edible corm sometimes called fairy potatoes.
By the middle of April, spring is in full force. It is my favorite time of year. After weeks and weeks of longingly, expectantly waiting as for a lover, the weather is mild, the flowers are blooming, the hummingbirds have arrived, and I am filled with happiness.
First Tree Peony Bud Ever
I rush to the garden with euphoria as my companion to see what spring charms await me.

Irises are coming along nicely.
What gifts did spring bring? Where are they? What delights are in store? Perhaps, a lovely fragrance or a diamond drop of dew. Listen. I hear music. It is in the trees, the birds, the wind, the water, and the air. From the pond, from the grass, from the flowers, I hear spring everywhere soft as a whisper or loud as the thunder.

Persian Lilac
Why do I love dogwoods so? Without any help from me, the woods around me turn white with myriads of dogwood blossoms. It's all natural. They just flourish here. They are like a starry night sky. All I do is marvel at their numbers and drink in the beauty which fills me with awe and wonder. I am at peace and one with the universe. Embraced by a breeze and kissed by the sun, I'm a part of every living thing. Ecstacy!

It is dogwood season here.

Street View
Looks like an almost all white hosta sport down in there.
And, oh the wonder of it! Something new I've never seen before. Genes re-aligned in an endless cycle of possibilities and sprouted from a spec of a time capsule dissolved by the rain and ignited by the sun.

Hosta With White Edge
All Green Hosta
Yes, spring washed away the gray of winter and filled the skies with blue.  Up and down the mountains leaves bloom in every hue.

Hellebores are setting seed and new foliage.

Narcissus biflorus/Twin Sisters
Fern Urn/Kimberly Queen
Tree Peony