Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Cat


Who knows why I stopped by Pet Smart last Christmas Eve, noticed an openly loving, white cat with big blue eyes, and adopted him. I immediately, named him Christmas; since, Eve would not have been gender appropriate. Soon, he began to work his holiday magic and transform non-cat persons into cat lovers.

 Although Christmas is a mouser, he is very social and gentle with people. He made friends with the children next door and their Jack Russell terrier.  They all play chase; and, Christmas has a turn as IT, chasing after the kids and the dog.  He made friends with the military retiree to the east of us.  He goes in and watches TV with him and usually has a snack.

After a number of ear infections, Christmas had surgery to clear the problem. It took about three months for his hair to grow back.


All in all, Christmas has been good for us; and, I think we have been good for him, as well.

Jingle bell, jingle bells, jingle all the way.

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wildlife Fare

Everything is attracted to the screech owl box but the screech owl. The bluebirds are always checking it out, but the squirrels usually win the right to spend the night in it.

Mr. Squirrel is having supper. No need to sully the sleeping quarters. He lets the shells drop on the ground.

I was noticing all the food for wildlife while out taking a walk.  As well as the squirrels, deer come and eat the acorns.

Beautyberries are still available, and the birds will eat them when other things are depleted.

There are plenty of goldenrod seeds. Goldfinches eat those.  

Nandina berries remain for a long time and provide, if not food, a feast for the eyes  Nature provides bountifully and beautifully.