Friday, August 12, 2011



One of our bluebird boxes was not being used. We cleaned it and hung it upside down on the fence to dry.

A couple of days later when we returned to get the house to hang it, the bluebirds seemed to have already occupied it.

They seemed to be going in it a lot as if building a nest and later feeding babies. When we checked, nothing was in there.

We have had high winds and although the box is simply resting on the fence rail, it hasn't blown off.

We set the box upright. Maybe all the activity was desire to build in it for soon there were four little blue eggs.

He knows I'm watching him watching me. Makes for a good photo!

Time passes and soon

four more little bluebirds

are ready to join our big beautiful world.

    Daily Bluebird Development                  


  1. Oh, that's fantastic.

    I'm afraid around here, my kids get to experience more of the ravens / crows getting the baby birds before they get too old.

  2. We are always so happy when they fledge because the main predator of the nests here are squirrels.

  3. Oh Donna ---that is awesome. I have missed my Bluebirds this year. Something happened to the first set --and they abandoned the nest... The 2nd set seemed to try--but didn't get anywhere. Haven't seen them in awhile... Maybe I need to move my nest...

    Great pictures.. I love Bluebirds.

  4. We move our nest boxes around after they fledge. Helps confound predators. We especially move them if the nest was raided.