Sunday, June 5, 2011

Let's Go With Red

We have had a long cold spring, but our temperatures are in the 90s F lately. It is definitely summertime weather.  The heat will probably curb the pelargonium's enthusiasm for bloom unless it has been bred to endure more heat. Night time temps are more favorable.  We will see.

Young Male Red-bellied Woodpecker
I'm usually outside working in the garden from the crack of dawn until about 9 a.m. Then it is time to go inside where it is cool.
I have to watch out for that cat.

Are you smiling yet?

Grapevine Sphere and Gerber Daisy

Purslane can take the heat. It needs full sun to open those pretty flowers. I have a few sunny spots in my mostly shade garden.
Purslane Close-up

Poker Primrose/Primula vialii Close-up

Fruit, Nuts, and Honey
On hot days I love fruit, nuts, and honey with a cold glass of milk. There is more than one way to beat the heat. Hubby cooks on the grill a lot. Think cool.

Hemerocallis 'Charles Johnson'


  1. that primrose is outstanding.

  2. There is more about that plant on the previous post.

  3. The fruits, nuts and honey look delicious! Great cool treat on a hot day.

  4. Donna your reds are not only beautiful but at least one of them is a real cutie. LOL!