Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Flowers

You can find out what's blooming around the world in March if you visit May Dreams Garden for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day which is the 15th of each month.  Take a look and see what can be added to your flower parade.

Wine Helleborus x hybridus

 The hellebores have been blooming since February and the flowers will last for many months.

Helebore x hybridus

Many gardeners are complaining of their losses this year due to the harsh winter; but, the hellebores have been unaffected and are flourishing.

White Helleborus x hybridus
For some reason, I favor the white ones.

Helleborus x hybridus

Narcissus 'Tete a Tete'

Short in stature but color intense, mini Narcissus 'Tete a Tete' can command your attention. Tete a tete means head to head and there are two flowers per stem seemingly in a conversation. This fact may help identify them if they get lost among other minis.

A mulch of leaves remains in the beds until April when it will be removed and added to the compost bin.

Unlike other narcissus, jonquils have tubular rather than flattened foliage.

You can always count on forsythia for a big splash of color.

Lycoris squamigera/Naked Ladies
Lycoris adds a lot of green to the garden as early as February. They will soon be covered with daylilies. Then after the daylilies bloom like a big surprise out will pop the naked ladies.

Texas Red Flowering Quince

For color as intense as any azalea but earlier,  plant quince.


The plants have started growing in the pond but, the fishes are the main attraction now.

Bradford Pear
Fruit trees are the showiest elements of the early spring garden. 

Confederate Violet

Lastly, the violet is lifting its pretty head from the beneath the woodland leaves.


  1. WOW! I love it. It is great to see color!

  2. Our blogger friends in warmer climates are great to visit to refresh our spirit when there is snow on the ground. Come again. Anytime.

  3. Lots of pretties to see at your place. I use lycoris as winter markers and edging for other things.

  4. Your spring garden is lovely! So much color and promise of things to come.

  5. Gorgeous Hellebores, always fascinated by those beauties since I saw them in Blotanical! Looking forward to more beauties in your garden!

  6. Glad to meet you through GBBD !
    Greetings from Belgium !

  7. I just picked up my second Hellebores so now I can say I have started a collection! This is the first time I have ever seen one in our Garden Centers! I was so excited that I did not look at the price, ha. That can be scary once at the check out counter. How ironic, I added a birdcage to my garden this year. I was thinking of putting something in it but decided to let a vine climb it instead....

  8. I imagine the vine covered birdcage will be nice. What kind of vine?

  9. Love the quince and the pear-so pretty. Now about those naked ladies...I'm assuming that's some kind of flower?

  10. I thought the Hellebores were quite something until I saw that flowering tree. Just yummy!

  11. Your garden is really coming to life! I love hellebores. Yours are gorgeous. I've never tried Lycoris. Pretty foliage. I'll have to check into that! I love looking at other people's blooms to see what I need in my garden!

  12. We don't have many hellebores in gardens in my part of the country because they get overshadowed by all the other things we have blooming away right now. I'll have to explore them some more, however. Yours look great!

  13. Your garden is in it's glory this spring. Love all the Hellebores you have blooming right now. I need to add more of these early bloomers to my garden soon. :)

  14. Dreamybee,
    Yes, they are pretty pink spider-like flowers.

    Ms. Wis.
    Spring is all about the flowering trees.

    I am always looking for new things for my garden as well.

  15. perennial gardener,
    Spring is just beginning here. I consider glory when the dogwoods bloom. We have many.

  16. Lovely post!

    Love the purple violet at the end.

    Glad to get to share your blooms
    Thanks! Julie

  17. Donna, I learned a new thing with this posting --- the difference between the Narcissus and Jonquil.....will have to check out a few of my unknowns.

    I planted a couple Lycoris this fall, they are just barely showing their leaves right now.
    Glad you like the Cavatine ---super size for a home garden.

  18. Julie,
    Thanks for your visit and post.

    Yes, and the Cavatine is also great for containers.

  19. hello Donna! Your garden is looking lovely. I've been adding the doubles~Sp pretty, but, really, I even love Royal Heritage Strains~lots of variety. I noticed the Naked Ladies have sent up their foliage here! It's Spring for sure. gail

  20. Lovely post... the quince are my favorite.

  21. Love the hellebores! Amazingly tough, arent' they?

    Thanks for sharing (also love the fish...;->)

    Happy bloom day!

  22. Such a lovely time of year.
    Thanks so much for the poem you left on my blog. It said all I was attempting to communicate in such a beautiful way.

  23. Gail,
    It is time to celebrate spring so we left home for a few days.:)

    Carolyn, thanks for stopping by.

    Town Mouse,
    We have a small pond with a few fish...just enough to keep me happy.

    I'm glad you liked, Pamela.

  24. Love your hellebores. Christina, thanks for stopping by my garden, sorry for the delay in posting your comment it found its way into the spam box. Christina